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2016 APPPA Grit Stories

Here's a list of all the topics we've covered in the 2015 in the APPPA Grit. Each issue includes classified ads, events, and industry news as available. 

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broilers on pasture

Issue 96. November/December 2016.

  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • President’s Corner by Terrell Spencer
  • Small Processors to FSIS: We Fear Retaliation. You Intimidate Us.
  • Negotiating the FSIS Gauntlet by Cody Hopkins
  • Monumental Change in USDA Inspection? by David Schafer
  • Economic Impact of Local Food by Kara Gunthorp
  • Book Review: Cultivating Customers: A Farmers Guide to Online Marketing
  • Wholesale Marketing Tips by Mike Badger
  • Profile of a Large-Scale Mobile Layer Shelter by Mike Badger
  • How to Identify a Heritage Turkey by Jim Adkins

Issue 95. September/October 2016.

  • Keystones, Gateways, and Flock Effect: Assessing Pastured Poultry from a Holistic View by David Schafer
  • President’s Corner by Terrell Spencer
  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • Fish vs No-Fish Broiler Field Trial by Casey Rogers, Chet Wagner, and Walker Fackler
  • How Do You Deliver Apple Cider Vinegar to 7,000 birds? by Grady Phelan
  • How To Color Sex Chicks by Dennis Heltzel
  • How to Build a PVC Feeder and Waterer by Jeff Mattocks
  • Selected Questions from Ask APPPA
  • Using FSIS to Assess Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar When Chilling Poultry by Mike Badger
  • How to Easily Test Ammonia Levels by Mike Badger

Issue 94. July/August 2016.

  • Hatching Cornish Cross On-Farm with the Hales by Mike Badger
  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • Concerns for Human Nutrition and Mental Health From Commercial Factory Farm Meat Chickens by Patricia Foreman
  • Omega Fatty Acid Levels of Pasture-Raised Broilers by Mike Badger
  • Poultry Pecking Guide by Jeff Mattocks and Casey Rogers
  • How to Humanely Molt Your Hens by Mike Badger
  • APPPA Comments on National Organic Program: Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices
  • Treating Blackhead in Turkeys by Mike Badger

Issue 93. May/June 2016

  • Feeding Hens Based on Average Temperature by Jeff Mattocks
  • President’s Corner by Terrell Spencer
  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • New Risk Management Tool for Specialty Producers by Bryan McQuary
  • Intentionally Improving Breeding Lines with Trap Nests by Mike Badger
  • Are All Layers Equally Productive?
  • Jeff Mattocks Talks On-Farm Feed Mixing for Freshness, Health, and Profitability by Mike Badger
  • Producers Helping Producers: Community Q&A

Issue 92. March/April 2016

  • Grit Feeding Trial Shows FCR Gains and Higher Yields by Craig Haney and Ryan Stasolla
  • President’s Report by Terrell Spencer
  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • Why is America One of the Only Countries in the World Requiring Egg Washing and Refrigeration? by Patricia Foreman
  • Brooder Preparation Checklists by Don Brubaker
  • Two Tweaks to Maintain Brooder Temperature by Mike Badger
  • Review of Polyface’s Pastured Poultry Improvements by Mike Badger
  • Feeding Trial: Choice Fed Birds Had Better Feed Conversion and Less Expensive Feed by Mike Badger
  • APPPAPlus Highlights: Surveys, Grinding Turkey, and Ducks by Mike Badger
  • 2016 Avian Influenza Updates by Mike Badger

Issue 91. January/February 2016.

  • Turkeys Grow Faster with Increased Human Attention by Casey Rogers
  • President’s Corner by David Schafer
  • Director’s Report by Mike Badger
  • Book Review: Pastured Poultry Feeding and Management
  • Book Review: The New Livestock Famer—The Business of Raising and Selling Ethical Meats
  • Communicating and Selling to Your Lists with Email by Wayne Herring
  • Homeopathy for Beginners by Kerri Leach
  • Unpacking the Confusing Non-GMO Feed Bag by Mike Badger
  • How Many Chickens Fit in a Chest Freezer