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Pastured Poultry Book

Raising Poultry on Pasture deals exclusively with pasture raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and more. Buy the book.

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APPPA Statement of Purpose

The American Pastured Poultry Producers' Association (APPPA) is a nonprofit educational and networking organization dedicated to encouraging the production, processing, and marketing of poultry raised on pasture.

APPPA exists to facilitate the free flow of creative ideas. Member producers are encouraged to consider all poultry species and all pasturing models, assuming personal responsibility for adapting ideas and models presented through APPPA.

APPPA passionately embraces humane, people-friendly, environmentally enhancing, pasture-based production models. While we respect the freedom of others to engage in industrial confinement factory farming, we believe our approach is superior.

APPPA assists both producers and consumers to transact business with as little government intervention as possible. APPPA does not discriminate in membership or programs based on the business size of producer or consumer. Realizing that production models must be profitable to be successful, APPPA's interests include processing, packaging, cooking, marketing, and any other topics related to pastured poultry enterprises.

APPPA's world vision is to see pastured poultry adopted as the model for environmentally, emotionally, and economically sensible poultry production. This vision includes decentralized food systems, farmstead-sized processing, and as much interaction as possible between producer and consumer.

[Adopted by the APPPA Steering Committee, August 26, 1997]

What is Pastured Poultry?

Pastured Poultry relies on raising chickens directly on green pasture. The model has been developed over the last twenty years and allows the birds to receive a significant amount of pasture forage as feed. The birds are kept on fresh pasture, which allows the birds to be raised in a cleaner, healthier environment. Pastured poultry is raised the old fashioned way; on fresh green pasture and wholesome grain. Processing is often done on the farm. Many customers pick-up their freezer-ready poultry orders at the farm, assuring them a truly farm-fresh product and revitalizing the farmer-consumer relationship. For a quick summary of pastured poultry, follow this link.

Why Raise Pastured Poultry?

People have been raising poultry on pasture for centuries. In fact most domesticated poultry was raised out doors until the 1950s when large confinement operations were begun. The vast majority of poultry is now produced in high-density factory farms. A number of growers with no interest in operating factory farms have chosen to raise their poultry with outdoor range instead of indoor confinement to produce a high quality, farm-fresh, all-natural product. The pastured poultry movement has found great support among consumers because of the high quality and unsurpassed flavor of such products. Producers continue to see a growing demand for premium-priced pasture-raised poultry and eggs.

Pastured Poultry Resource Book

APPPA publishes Raising Poultry on Pasture: Ten Years of Success. This exciting book has over 130 articles on pastured poultry, written by APPPA farmer-members over the last ten years and originally published in APPPA Grit! You can buy it directly from APPPA online or by mail.