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Membership Help FAQs

Help for common membership questions.

Q. When can I expect my first copy of the APPPA Grit?

A. The Grit begins go arrive in mailboxes in the third week of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Q. I receive the PDF version of the newsletter. Is that PDF archived?

A. You will be notified of the issue's availability by email. The notification email will contain a download link that will be active until the next issue is published. So, download and save a copy of your PDF issues. You're responsible for your own archives just like a print subscriber.

Q. I would like to write an article for the APPPA Grit. Can I?

A. Absolutely. It's best to query Mike first

Q. I sell a service or product that pastured poultry producers would love. Can APPPA provide me a list of members so that I may reach out to them?

A. APPPA does not make it's member mailing list available to advertisers, list brokers, and other direct mail marketers.

Q. I just subscribed, can I read the back issues of the Grit?

A. Not at this time. Like most publications, APPPA does not make it's back catalog available for free; however, plans are underway to package the archives together for purchase. We do publish individual stories on the website from time to time. Raising Poultry on Pasture is an archive of newsletter articles published between 1997 and 2006.

Q. How do I know when my membership/subscription is due for renewal?

A. Starting in September 2015, the printed Grit magazine you receive in the mail will include a cover clearly showing that you need to renew and will include a perforated reply card. Memberships/Subscriptions are based on the issue number of the APPPA Grit. The mailing panel of your Grit will show your expiration issue. You can compare that number to the issue number on page 1 to see how many issues you have remaining.

Q. I currently receive the APPPAPlus email discussions; however, I have not received the APPPA Grit in a very long time? Is the Grit still printed?

A. The most likely explanation is that your membership is expired, and you will eventually be removed from the APPPAPlus group. To start receiving the Grit again, and to ensure your participation in the APPPAPlus group continues, renew your producer plus membership. If you receive the PDF subsription, ensure APPPA has the correct email address and check your junk mail folders.

APPPAPlus Yahoo! Group Questions

Q. Can I participate in the APPPAPlus group without paying for a membership?

A. Participation in the APPPAPlus group is a benefit for Producer Plus members, membership rates start at $50 a year. The APPPAPlus list is periodically cleaned of non-paying members who have not renewed their memberships.

Q. I am a producer plus member, but I can't figure out how to get access to the APPPAPlus Yahoo Group.

A. You received an invitation to the group soon after you purchased your membership. However, if you do not act on the invitation from Yahoo, it will expire. You can request membership in one of the following ways: Go to Search for APPPAPlus and request to be added to the group. Tell me who you are in the request. Wait for moderator approval. Or send an email to and follow the instructions you receive. Wait for moderator approval. To speed the approval process up, make sure you provide the name your membership is under.

Q. I don't have a Yahoo! username. Can I still participate in the APPPAPlus group?

A. Yes. Yahoo! Groups provides an email only function. If you are unable to request membership in the list by sending an email to, then contact and request an email only invitation to APPPAPlus.

Q. If I can participate in the APPPAPlus list using only email, what advantage is there in creating a Yahoo! username?

A. A Yahoo username will allow you search the APPPAPlus archives via the Yahoo! Groups webpage. In the context of your APPPA Producer Plus membership, that is the only advantage. Archives for the APPPAPlus group go back to 2003.

Q. I don't want to pay for a Yahoo! account.

A. Good news, Yahoo Accounts are free for anyone, and having one will provide you with access to a wide-ranging list of groups.

Q. I'm receiving too many emails from the APPPAPlus list. What can I do?

A. Be thankful, you are engaged in a thriving, supportive community. Some days, you may receive as many as 7 or 10 emails from the group while other days may be 1. Since members dictate the content, it's hard to forecast the volume. The list does have digest mode, which means you can change from receiving individual emails to receiving a daily digest of messages. It's also important to realize that you don't have to read every message that comes. Scan the headlines and the sender. If the topic is interesting, read it or save for later. If the message holds little appeal, skip (or delete it). Using an email program that allows you to filter messages based on sender or subject is an incredibly powerful tool to help you prioritize your incoming emails.

Q. How do I change my group delivery preferences?

A. Use the Manage My Groups option that comes with your Yahoo! Groups account. If you're an email only user, then you can control your delivery preferences using email. To receive message digests instead of individual messages send an email to To receive individual messages instead of digests, send email to

Q. How can I post a message to APPPAPlus?

A. Assuming you are a member of the group/list, then send an email to from the email address that is subscribed to the group.

Q. Where can I find more information about using APPPAPlus?

A. APPPAPlus is a Yahoo! Group, which is a free service designed and managed by Yahoo!. You can find all the help you need for using Yahoo! Groups using Yahoo!'s online help.