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DVD Cover ImageAPPPA presented a full day intensive learning seminar at the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) Farming for the Future Conference at the Penn Stater in State College, PA, on February 6, 2014. This 5 disc DVD set brings you over six hours of programming on the "other pastured poultry" including ducks, guineas, commercial turkeys, heritage turkeys, and nutrition.

Attendees paid at least $115 to attend this event in person.

Price includes shipping within the continental United States. International orders must request a shipping quote.

This 5 disc DVD set covers the following topics:

  • Duck Production by Greg Gunthorp
  • Special Nutritional & Health Needs & Considerations for Waterfowl, Turkeys & Guineas by Jeff Mattocks
  • Broad Breasted White Turkey Production by Tom Wadson
  • Heritage Turkey Production by Val Vetter & Deb Aaron
  • Guinea Hens by Will Harris

Presenter Bios

Val Vetter: After 30 years of corporate life in Chicago, Val Vetter escaped to rural East Texas to start an organic farm with Debra Aaron so they could grow chemical-free food for themselves and friends. With a drive to control their food supply and 25+ years of organic gardening experience, they created Piney Woods Ranch, where heirloom produce, heritage poultry, and hogs are raised under the Certified Naturally Grown program in environments as close to natural as possible.

Greg Gunthorp's family owns and operates a pasture-based livestock operation, and has raised pigs on pasture for at least four generations. Currently they raise, process and distribute pigs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys to upscale restaurants and retail in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Detroit.

Will Harris is the fourth generation to raise livestock on this 150-year old Georgia family farm. He pasture-raises and hand butchers five red meat species and five poultry species on the farm. They also raise organic vegetables and pastured eggs. White Oak Pastures is the largest Certified Organic farm in Georgia, with 85 full-time employees. There is an on-farm restaurant and will soon have on-farm lodging.

Tom Wadson started Wadson's Farm in 1976 after graduating from the Diploma (2 year) course in Farm operation and management at the Ontario Agricultural College. He has raised chickens since childhood. He was a conventional vegetable farmer up until 2000. In 2003 his farm was decimated by Hurricane Fabian. He then started the animal component with pastured layers, broilers, turkeys, Peking ducks, Dorper sheep & Bermuda (Ossabaw) hogs. He operates his own abbatoir, hydroponic lettuce house, and farm shop.

Jeff Mattocks has over 20 years of experience working with the Organic, Natural and Sustainable farming community.  He is actively involved in diet formulation for all types of livestock and poultry for organic and sustainable farmers. Jeff also assists and educates farmers with better management practices increasing animal health, productivity and return income from poultry and livestock. He believes a healthy animal is the most profitable!

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