Pastured Poultry: Better Way Forward

Consumer Buying Guide

The best way to purchase pastured poultry is to go directly to the source, and using this guide, APPPA will help you ensure you get real pastured poultry. You'll taste the difference.

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Find Your Farmer

The best way to buy pastured poultry is go directly to the source. While some farmers do sell pastured poultry through grocery stores and distributors, the overwhelming majority can be found selling from their farm store, farmers market, and local food focused restaurants.

Find a local pastured poultry farmer near you.  

Healthy and Delicious (It's the same chicken!)

It's delicious and nutritious. Studies of pastured poultry by interested groups and universities have found that chicken and eggs raised on pasture are more nutritious in terms of a lower omega 6:3 ratio and increased levels of vitamins A (eggs), D, and E. 

Is pastured poultry more nutritious? 

Confused by Free Range Organic?

Buying food can be a sea of confusing labels, and unfortunately, the federal government (USDA) fosters confusion with its definitions and lax enforcement of regulations. Certified organic and free range are the two most common labels that are likely to deceive you. 

When shopping for poultry look for pastured (pasture-raised) first. By seeking out pastured poultry, you will ensure you receive the unique advantages of pastured poultry: highest animal welfare, superior taste and texture, nutritionally dense food, soil building, and farm-to-consumer community relationships.

The pastured poultry community of producers is flexible and responsive enough to supply even the most discerning and  health conscious eater with exactly the right product. Our farmers practice pastured poultry because it's the best farming model available. Whether you need certified organic, soy-free, corn-free, verified non-gmo feed, heritage, etc, the APPPA community has a farmer that can meet your expectations.

Antibiotics and medications are minimized as fringe needs in a pastured poultry model because of the inherent farming practices that leverage the birds natural's tendencies to thrive on sunlight and move through the pasture in small flock sizes. 

Dive deeper into the free-range organic poultry confusion: 

Consumer Guide

We want to empower consumers to buy real pastured poultry. Become an informed consumer and get exactly what you expect.

Be Informed

Pastured Poultry Difference

With constant access to fresh pasture, pastured poultry is better for the chickens, the land, and the people. 

Pastured poultry:

  • connects you to the face behind the food.
  • turns manure into an asset that builds fields, soils and wildlife ecology.
  • imparts a deeper flavor and firmer texture.
  • reduces the need for antibiotics, medications, and coccidiastats. 
  • harnesses the good things about nature.
  • empowers local and rural economies.

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Stay informed about buying, eating, and cooking pastured poultry. Let APPPA facilitate the farm to consumer pastured poultry relationship.

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