2019 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference

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In 2019, we're expanding to a three day format, and offering something for all experience levels. Use the information below to help guide you in attending the right days for your experience.

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Day 1 features a one day Intensive Pastured Poultry Training Course for upstart pastured poultry producers. The training will incorporate planning, marketing, production, housing, nutrition, and management topics. 

Days 2 and 3 feature our popular flagship Professional Pastured Poultry Conference where experienced and scaled up producers gather in a single room to learn, collaborate, and network with one-another.

You should attend the Intensive Pastured Poultry Training Course, if you are:

  • within the first year or two of raising pastured poultry.
  • transitioning from a family flock to a market flock.
  • struggling with their pastured poultry management and marketing.
  • training new employees at established pastured poultry farms.
Learn more and register for the Intensive Pastured Poultry Training Course. 

You should attend the Professional Pastured Poultry Conference, if you are:

  • scaled up or in the process of scaling up your pastured broiler (> 5,000 a year), layer (> 500), or turkey operation.
  • experienced in pastured poultry production, marketing, or processing.
  • open to sharing information, learning from others, fostering a cooperative community, and discussing the vision of pastured poultry.
  • tired of being the most knowledgeable person in the room at pastured poultry gatherings.
  • searching for a community farmers who understand what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. 

Learn more and register for the Professional Pastured Poultry Conference. 

The fine print: this is not meant to be a list of qualifications to attend either one of these events. It's describes the type of people who attend and the target audience. Registration is open and unmoderated; however, discussion at the professional pastured poultry conference is facilitated to ensure we don't get stuck on the basics of production. If in doubt, register for all 3 days. 

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