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Upcoming events

    • Thu, April 11, 2024
    • Thu, December 12, 2024
    • 9 sessions
    • Teleconference

    We host Ask APPPA,  a unique Q&A call each month. The call is open to anyone regardless of membership status, and it's an opportunity for you to ask questions to a panel of pastured poultry experts.

    Mark your calendar with a recurring appointment on the second Thursday of each month at 8pm EST.  

    Dial (267) 807-9495 and enter Access Code 709-102-625. It only lasts for one hour, so make sure you understand the time zones.

    • Fri, September 13, 2024
    • 9:00 AM
    • Sat, September 14, 2024
    • 4:00 PM
    • 8371 Lower Lake Rd, Crescent City, CA 95531

    Experience Large-Scale Layers

    Meet Community

    See the California Redwoods

    Hands on learning for large scale pastured layer production.

    This is a two-day immersion into pasture raised egg production on a multi-generational family farm. 

    Christian Alexandre, APPPA President, will host at Alexandre Family Farms, located on the scenic coast of Northwest California in Crescent City, CA. Each day features learning, farm tours, lunch, and networking. 

    If you have aspirations of starting or scaling layers using a mobile pastured model, then this a must attend event.  The pasture raised egg operation at Alexandre Family Farms direct markets and distributes their eggs to consumers and retail stores throughout the region.

    What you'll see

    Each day will feature a farm tour of the Alexandre's certified organic pasture raised egg farm and grass-fed dairy operation. 

    You'll get a hands-on, in the field look at the pastured layer setup, brooders, pullet grow out, egg processing and grading, and more. 


    Each day will feature a farm tour with open Q&A and conversation that provide an in-depth look at how the Alexandre's produce their eggs.

    Each day will include presentations that cover critical aspects of large-scale layer production. Presenters include Christian Alexandre, Jeff Mattocks, Poultry Nutritionist from Fertrell, and more. 

    The APPPA board will be in attendance throughout the weekend. 


    Lunch for both days is included in your registration. 

    Hotels are available in Crescent City, CA and Brookings, CA - both approximately 15 minutes from the farm. AirBNB and VRBOs are also popular in the area and should be readily available in September.

    See lodging options.


    • California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport Arcata/Eureka (ACV) - Less than 2 hours to farm with a drive up the coast. See the Redwoods!

    • Rogue Valley International Medford Airport (MFR). Approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to the farm. 
    • Del Norte County Regional Airport - service to Los Angeles and Oakland. You must fly into LA or Oakland and book a separate ticket to Crescent City from https://www.flycrescentcity.com/. Approximately 20 minutes to farm.

    See the California Redwoods: A worthy reason to linger for a day to experience the awe of one of the nation's most majestic natural attractions. Learn more at the Del Norte Visitor Center.

    • Thu, January 23, 2025
    Registration is closed

    Register early for the 2025 conference, and save big. Details to be determined. While we expect the date will be in the third week of January, the days may shift. This is a commitment to attend, and you're making that commitment to yourself right now. 

    Early, Early, Early bird registration will be open till end of day January 26, 2024. 

    Refund Policy: 

    Sales are final. Conference cancellations will roll your registration fee into future membership and/or future event registration fees. If you are unable to attend, you may choose to donate your registration to conference scholarship. 

Past events

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Tue, June 29, 2021 Breeder Roundtable
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Tue, March 23, 2021 Panel Discussion: Troubleshoot your Incubation/Hatching
Thu, February 25, 2021 Selecting and purchasing an incubator
Fri, January 15, 2021 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Tue, December 22, 2020 Breeding Strategies for Heritage Poultry
Tue, November 24, 2020 Making Final Breeder Selections
Tue, October 27, 2020 Breeding Basics for Egg Color and Sex Linkage in Heritage Poultry
Tue, September 29, 2020 Selecting Next Year's Breeding Stock
Tue, August 25, 2020 The Profit Centers of Heritage Poultry
Tue, July 28, 2020 The Advantages of Heritage in Pastured Poultry
Wed, January 22, 2020 Tour of Pastured Life Farm
Sun, January 19, 2020 2020 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Thu, July 25, 2019 Poultry Slaughter Workshop
Thu, July 18, 2019 A Day with Dr. Paul!
Sat, May 18, 2019 Pastured Poultry Seminar
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Mon, January 21, 2019 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Sun, January 20, 2019 Intensive Pastured Poultry Course
Sun, October 28, 2018 Alabama Pastured Poultry Day
Wed, August 15, 2018 Pennsylvania Pastured Poultry Day
Sat, July 28, 2018 Gunthorp Farms 20th Anniversary Party
Fri, July 20, 2018 Family Farm Field Day
Thu, June 21, 2018 Poultry Workshop at Pat's Pastured
Sat, May 26, 2018 Texas Pastured Poultry Workshop
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Tue, February 20, 2018 Ask APPPA Q&A Call
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Sat, November 11, 2017 Florida Pastured Poultry Day
Tue, October 24, 2017 Best Practices for Pastured Poultry Health, Production, and Profit
Tue, September 19, 2017 Ask APPPA
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