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Upcoming events

    • Tue, September 14, 2021
    • Tue, August 09, 2022
    • 12 sessions
    • Teleconference
    ASK APPPA Graphic

    We host Ask APPPA,  a unique Q&A call on the third Tuesday of each month. The call is open to anyone regardless of membership status, and it's an opportunity for you to ask questions to a panel of pastured poultry experts.

    Mark your calendar with a recurring appointment on the third Tuesday of each month at 8pm EST.  

    Dial (267) 807-9495 and enter Access Code 709-102-625. It only lasts for one hour, so make sure you understand the time zones.

    • Sat, December 04, 2021
    • Sat, December 11, 2021
    • 2 sessions
    • Virtual

    Get a jumpstart on your 2022 pastured poultry or breeding ventures and start the year off with a solid plan. 

    Join us for 2 virtual preconference training days in December. These virtual sessions are designed to be standalone events leading up to our in-person conference in January and lay a solid foundation from which you grow. 

    Virtual Pre-Conference Agenda

    We will offer LIVE training on December 4 (intro to pastured poultry) & December 11 (breeders).

    A summary of the agenda is found below. You can view a detailed agenda here.

    Dec 4: Growing Pastured Poultry for Profit (Growers Ticket) Presented by Metzer Farms

    December 4 will focus on laying the foundations of raising pastured poultry and is ideally suited for people with 0 -2 years of experience or for those who experience less than ideal results with their current approach. When you attend the in-person conference, we assume you have this starting knowledge. 

    The sessions on Dec 4 are presented LIVE and are interactive. They will be recorded for later playback. You'll have 3 months to watch them.

    Live program on Dec 4 features:

    • Winning with Meat Birds by Daniel Salatin (90 minutes). 
    • Raising Pastured Turkeys by Craig Haney (90 minutes)
    • Raising Layers for Eggs by Christian Alexandre (90 minutes)
    • Ducks from Egg to Market by Ben Grimes (90 minutes)
    Bonus Growers Sessions (Recorded):
    • Basics of Brooder Management by David Hale and Dave Shields
    • Feeding for Animal Performance and Farmers' Sanity by Jeff Mattocks
    • Enterprise Planning by Bruce Hennessey
    • PL 90-492 Processing Facility Setup and Walk Through by The Shields
    • Marketing Course from 2020 conference (6 sessions)

    The virtual Introduction to Pastured Poultry is sponsored by Metzer Farms.  Metzer Farms is a three generation family farm specializing in breeding, hatching, and shipping waterfowl. With their new hatchery opening in Tennessee in early 2022, Metzer Farms will be able to provide next-day shipping to nearly every state. You will receive the healthiest waterfowl and Cornish cross to give you the greatest success in pastured poultry.

    Dec 11: Breeding Poultry for Market (Breeders Ticket)

    We will also host a virtual breeder’s summit, which will expose you to various profit centers of breeding, growing, and direct marketing standard-bred (e.g. heritage) poultry. This one-day summit is ideal for anyone looking to intentionally breed chickens or turkeys as a profitable piece of their pastured poultry farm.

    The sessions on Dec 11 are presented LIVE and are interactive. They will be recorded for later playback. You'll have 3 months to watch them.

    Live program on Dec 11 features:

    • The Challenges and Rewards of the Poultry Breeders Cycle by Rip Stalvey (60 minutes)
    • Breeding for Day Old Chick Sales by Matt Hemmer (60 minutes)
    • Breeding and Growing Turkeys by Shelly Oswald (90 minutes)
    • Scaling an on-farm breeding program by Allison Stewart (90 minutes)
    • Breeding for Direct Meat Sales by Brent and Anna Wills (90 minutes)

    Bonus Breeder Sessions (Recorded):

    • Nutritional Requirements for Breeding Flocks by Jeff Mattocks
    • How to breed to the standard by Rip Stalvey
    • The Art & Practice of Incubating Eggs by Patricia Foreman
    • Using record keeping to improve your breed by Karen Johnston and Erin Angulo
    • Marketing Course from 2020 conference (6 sessions)

    Looking for information about the in-person conference in January? Find it here

    A Conference Experience

    When we say December will be a virtual pre-conference, we are saying it will be a legitimate conference experience. You’ll be able to network with other attendees, post discussions, meet exhibitors, schedule your own virtual meetups/discussion with other attendees, and more.

    Registration Options

    When you register, you can choose from December 4, December 11, or both. Recordings will be available to you based the ticket type your choose. 

    We will use the event management system Whova to organize the event and to provide an online networking opportunity for attendees to meet and discuss topics. With Whova, even attendees can schedule their own meetups after the event to further discuss ideas.

    You will receive instructions to join the Whova event platform the week before the event.

    • Sun, January 16, 2022
    • Tue, January 18, 2022
    • 3 sessions

    The sixth annual Professional Pastured Poultry Conference is back in person in January at the Southbank Hotel at Jacksonville Riverwalk in Jacksonville, Florida, and we have a fantastic program in the works for this three day event. 

    Pre-Conference. January 16, 2022: 

    Dave Pratt, Ranching for Profit School, will lead a full day session on economics and finance. Dave presented a short workshop at the 2021 virtual conference on the "3 Secrets to Increasing Profit," and the session was so well received, we brought him back for a full day in Jacksonville.  Attendance is limited. 

    Main Conference. January 17-18, 2022: 

    The APPPA Professional Pastured Poultry Conference is more than a discussion about chickens, turkeys, and waterfowl. We focus on topics that help you develop your farm business.

    We'll make time to discuss the day-to-day issues around production and processing. However, those topics aren't scheduled ahead of time. When the attendees arrive in Jacksonville, we poll the group to determine our breakout topics, and then hold facilitated discussions that provide a forum for the people in attendance to share their knowledge with the group. 

    Featured Topics:

    • Storybrand Marketing by Steven Schneitman, Do Good Media. 
    • Leadership by Grant Estrade, GME Environmental Consulting, Integrated Leadership Training. 
    • Global and local feed supply chain discussion/breakout with Jeff Mattocks, The Fertrell Company. 

    An overview of the entire conference, including the virtual pre-conference events, lodging, and FAQs can be found here.

    Conference Format and Approach

    When the January conference rolls around, we diversify the programming to include business, economics, leadership, and marketing. As it turns out, the easy part of running a pastured poultry farm is the growing part, if you have a solid foundation as laid by the December preconference.

    The success of your farm business depends heavily on your leadership in the business and your ability to gain market share. As a result, we spend considerable effort planning and scheduling those topics each year and bring you appropriate experts.

    But you can’t travel to Jacksonville for an in-person pastured poultry conference and not discuss things with feathers. We’ll have discussions about brooding, feed, nutrition, growing, and processing. However, we approach these topics differently than any other conference you’ve been too.

    When we talk about the actual growing and processing of pastured poultry, we want to expose the thought leadership of our attendees. We want our attendees to steal this part of the show, and so we don’t bring in outside “pastured poultry experts” because we quite literally built this conference as a place for the pastured poultry experts to sharpen each other.

    When all our attendees arrive in Jacksonville, we poll the group with a simple question along these lines, “What is your biggest obstacle or challenge to your pastured poultry business right now?” We then take the answers and organize breakout sessions. The focus of these breakout sessions tend go beyond the basics and focus on issues relevant to experienced producers.

    The breakouts are facilitated in an open discussion that includes the entire room. It’s a beautiful example of how to crowd source pastured poultry wisdom.


    When you register, you'll have the option to choose to attend Sunday only, Monday/Tuesday only, or all three days. 

    If you want to register people under two different registration types, you will need to complete two registrations. For example if Farmer A registers for Pasture Master and wants to bring Farmer B on a Pasture Pro ticket, Farmer B needs a separate registration.

    Sunday's class with Dave Pratt is limited attendance. If you want to attend Dave's session, the only way to reserve your spot is to buy a ticket.

Past events

Mon, August 23, 2021 How to Manage Your Flock for Fall Hatching Success
Tue, July 27, 2021 Direct Marketing Heritage Chicken
Wed, July 21, 2021 Central NY Pastured Poultry Pasture Walk
Tue, June 29, 2021 Breeder Roundtable
Tue, May 25, 2021 Breeder Flock Nutrition in Changing Seasons
Tue, April 27, 2021 Breeding Waterfowl
Tue, March 23, 2021 Panel Discussion: Troubleshoot your Incubation/Hatching
Thu, February 25, 2021 Selecting and purchasing an incubator
Fri, January 15, 2021 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Tue, December 22, 2020 Breeding Strategies for Heritage Poultry
Tue, November 24, 2020 Making Final Breeder Selections
Tue, October 27, 2020 Breeding Basics for Egg Color and Sex Linkage in Heritage Poultry
Tue, September 29, 2020 Selecting Next Year's Breeding Stock
Tue, August 25, 2020 The Profit Centers of Heritage Poultry
Tue, July 28, 2020 The Advantages of Heritage in Pastured Poultry
Wed, January 22, 2020 Tour of Pastured Life Farm
Sun, January 19, 2020 2020 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Thu, July 25, 2019 Poultry Slaughter Workshop
Thu, July 18, 2019 A Day with Dr. Paul!
Sat, May 18, 2019 Pastured Poultry Seminar
Fri, May 17, 2019 Pastured Broilers and Processing Workshop
Mon, January 21, 2019 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference
Sun, January 20, 2019 Intensive Pastured Poultry Course
Sun, October 28, 2018 Alabama Pastured Poultry Day
Wed, August 15, 2018 Pennsylvania Pastured Poultry Day
Sat, July 28, 2018 Gunthorp Farms 20th Anniversary Party
Fri, July 20, 2018 Family Farm Field Day
Thu, June 21, 2018 Poultry Workshop at Pat's Pastured
Sat, May 26, 2018 Texas Pastured Poultry Workshop
Sat, May 19, 2018 Pastured Poultry Field Day at HLW Acres
Tue, February 20, 2018 Ask APPPA Q&A Call
Mon, January 22, 2018 Professional Pastured Poultry Producers Conference
Sat, November 11, 2017 Florida Pastured Poultry Day
Tue, October 24, 2017 Best Practices for Pastured Poultry Health, Production, and Profit
Tue, September 19, 2017 Ask APPPA
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