broiler in a mobile range coop. Photo by Joe Koopsen.Pastured Poultry Producers

APPPA provides resources to pastured poultry farmers by providing provocative topics, technical insights, networking, and informed discussions.

Since launch, APPPA has focused on providing pastured poultry producers with the information and community needed to  successfully raise, process, and direct market their products. 

Not everyone who raises pastured poultry intends to earn money from their efforts, but those who do face extra layers of difficulties - regulations, processing shortages, and a confused marketplace.  APPPA launched the Pastured Poultry Conference in 2017 to bring producers together with the sole interest in sharing challenges, finding solutions, and innovating on the shoulders of our community members. 

Anyone who raises pastured poultry, whether for family only or for profit, will find value in APPPA. 

Learn with APPPA

Resources for Pastured Poultry Producers

click to read the nutritional studies about pasture raised chicken and eggs.

Basic Brooder Design for Pastured Poultry Farmers

Dave Shield and David Hale share their experiences on setting up and managing a brooder. Topics include ventilation, sizing, construction, human comfort, and much more. This training was presented at the 2021 Pastured Poultry Conference hosted by APPPA.

Pasture Management and Shelter Design

Daniel Salatin gives us his experienced perspective on integrating pastured poultry into the rotational grazing plan and on pasture shelters. This presentation was given at the 2021 virtual pastured poultry conference

Planning Ahead for Turkeys

A turkey primer for people who are used to raising chickens. This training was hosted by Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) and presented by Mike Badger.

Scaling up Pastured Poultry Production

Presented by Bruce Hennessey for Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT).

Working with Niche Wholesale Buyers to Supply Pastured Poultry

Jean Finney and Eileen Kelly discuss why and how they source miscellaneous poultry parts for use in their natural pet treat company, Farm Hounds.

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