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Well managed pastured poultry benefits the soil, which builds the foundation of a healthy ecosystem. This video not only addresses flock safety, but it also reveals the pastured poultry ethos. Pastured poultry is an interconnected system that builds healthy soil, healthy environments, healthy chickens, and healthy people.

Ways to Keep the Flock Safe

An important part of making sure pastured poultry coexist with the local wildlife population is to take steps to keep the flock safe. The video showcases the following methods of flock protection:

  • Fencing
  • Movement
  • Shelter Design
  • Guardian Animals
  • Wildlife Corridors

Thank you, Contributors

APPPA would like to thank these contributors for their generous support of "Pastured Poultry Ecosystems Coexist with Wildlife."

Spray Creek Ranch in British Columbia

Laughing Oak North in Farm Ontario

Orlando Farms in Florida

Wookey Ranch in California

Paul Discoe Design in California

413 Farm in Oklahoma

Pasturebird in California

Marty Knapp in New York

Graham Lettner in Alberta

Homeplace Hill Farms in Texas

Marshfield Farms in North Carolina

Elizabeth Moffatt in New Mexico

Premier 1 Supplies in Iowa

Absolute Pastured Poultry in Pennsylvania

Samantha Rohaus in Missouri

Pasture2 Table Farm in Nebraska

Featherman Equipment in Missouri

Hannah Smith-Brubaker in Pennsylvania

SLAP Farms in California

Kelly Stieger in Florida

Punachicks Farm in Hawaii

Homestead Texas Farm in Texas

YundWell Pastured Poultry in New York

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