2021 Professional Pastured Poultry Conference Sponsor Opportunities

As a conference sponsor, APPPA invites you to network, learn, collaborate, and build relationships with pastured poultry farmers from the across the United States and Canada. The annual Professional Pastured Poultry Conference takes place online from January 15-19, 2021, and we’d like to invite your business to be a part of this signature event.

Our attendees are motivated farmers who raise pastured poultry as a business venture on their farms. They’re leaders in their neighborhoods and in the pastured poultry community. They’re dedicated to their craft.

When you bring your business forward as a supporter and sponsor of this conference, you position your business as an industry leader and strategic future partner. The Professional Pastured Poultry Conference provides a space for you to meet existing customers and find new connections. APPPA understands that our community cannot grow without a foundation of businesses who support the farms and the consumers with products, services, and innovations. 

Sponsor Participation Encouraged

All our sponsor levels include at least one conference registration (and as many as 4! Registrations!), so that you and your employees can participate freely in our discussions and programming. A goal of inviting our sponsors into these meetings and workshops is to provide you with unfettered access to learn deeply about the community you’re serving by sharing their issues, their dreams, their needs, and their solutions.

You can either be a vendor or a partner. APPPA and our members are looking for partners.

An opportunity for Everyone

We have sponsor packages, advertising opportunities, and exhibition space for every budget and size business. We'll also listen to your needs and craft a custom offer.

Ready? View all sponsor options and then contact APPPA to get started (grit@apppa.org or 888-662-7772). 

Contact APPPA for more information.

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Who Attended the 2020 conference?

In 2020, producers who attended the conference fell into the following demographics:

  • Average broilers raised per year: 15,043
  • Average layer flock size: 1,791
  • Average turkey flock size: 608
  • Average duck flock size: 1,333
  • Average goose flock size: 291
  • Average guinea flock size: 722
Many of these farms are multi-species grazing operations that also graze cattle, sheep, and pigs while others grow produce and vegetables. Poultry is a common hub on a sustainable, regenerative farm.

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