Creative Growers 10x12 Field House

Creative Growers portable pasture poultry shelter design originally published in APPPA Grit. This is a Salatin-inspired shelter using the 10'x12' footprint with a peaked roof. Use a dolly to move it. 

Materials List

Base Bows

  • 2 2x6x12 3 10ft. 3/4” EMT conduit
  • 2 2x6x10 6 3ft.4in. 3/4” EMT (legs) (2 10ft. lengths)
  • 4 2x6 corner brackets 1 bag (10) 3/4” EMT couplers
  • (compression fittings recommended)
  • Side Purlins 3 bags (30) 3/4” EMT pipe straps
  • 2 1x6x12

Top Purlin

  • Door: minimum width=24” suggested width=33” 1 10ft. 3/4” EMT
  • 2 1x6x6 1 3ft. 4in. 3/4” EMT
  • 1 plywood cut to width & length
  • 2 hinges self tapping metal screws
  • 1 door latches short wood screws
  • 3ft. 1” chicken wire, staples

Appropriate tarp material

  • plastic stripping or T-tape Total 3/4 EMT: 6 1/3 lengths (10ft.)
  • plastic sheeting to cover ends
  • rope & polypipe or hose for handles


Bows: Cut all legs. With conduit bender, bend about 90° at 4ft. 8in. - allowing for the 6in. the bend will take. Check bender’s instructions to ensure equal lengths on both side of bend. Bend about 45° at 2ft. for each leg - be sure that the 2ft. section remains straight. Connect with couplers. Secure to base using two pipe straps for each bow per side. Center middle bow.

Cut top purlin piece, and connect. Attach to bows using pipe straps and metal tapping screws, with 18” overhanging each side. Attach side purlins using pipe strap with short screws. Height of side purlins will depend on the height of the chicken wire; side purlins are used for securing top of wire. Wire is recommended for protection in the event of the tarp coming undone during inclement weather when birds are closed in house.

Door jambs are screwed into the base on the inside face of the base. Attach to bow with pipe strap and short screws. Trim to angle of bow with hand saw prior to installing.

Cut door to fit, leaving about 1/2” space between bottom and base.

Wrap chicken wire from door jam to door jam. Staple wire to jam, purlins, and base. Apply tarp material, and screw thoroughly through plastic stripping. Cover ends with plastic sheeting and staples early in season. Attach handles, and you’re good to go.

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